December 20, 2010 ~ We've recently minimized your internet fingerprint by removing email addresses frrom our web pages. They are still available however, with enhancements. Click on the EMAIL hot-button and discover how..... Your WebGuy
December 22, 2010 ~ Please make certain we have your latest phone, USPS and email addresses. The large, yellow bubble-note above the Points of Contact (1960 Home page) is a direct link to Sonja Tucker-Giuliani. She maintains "The List".... Your WebGuy
February 18, 2012 ~ Numerous pictures have been added to our Albums for the 25th, 30th and 40th Reunions, courtesy of the Griffin family. Lots of question marks (???), so your help with names is sorely needed..... Your WebGuy
October 21, 2017 ~ Mark your calendars!! This will be either our sorely missed 55th reunion or our 57th much needed reunion. We'll have more than 80 in attendance. Watch your emails for a list of those coming.... Your new WebGuy