Having been asked by a key 1960 alumna, and later a 1962 alumna, to establish and maintain their BHS websites, it was a short leap to accept and suggest combining both class sites into one. In 2011, the class of 1963 requested membership in our small community and in 2013 the class of 1964.

Ours is a living document, serving as a repository of historical and timely data. And in order that our fellow classmates might re-establish communication, stay abreast of those departed, learn of upcoming reunions, it behooves us all to contribute.

Always of interest are photographs with the players identified. Shots taken at past Reunions and posted on your website are fun to share with your own family and friends. Click on your class PHOTO ALBUMS hot-button to see the various photo categories.

This webmaster uploads only tasteful pictures. This is Rule #1 and although it's written with a broad stroke, keep in mind that toddlers can peek over the shoulders of the largest Grandpa. So no wildly controversial, R or X material please.....

There are only two methods for sending pictures/images to the webmaster: Snail-mail or e-mail. It's really up to you, but know that anything sent electronically does not get returned since you already have the original. Anything sent by other means (USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL, PonyX, etc) will be returned unharmed.

By e-mail, you may send the images as attachments. Please use JPEG or PDF format. They will be cropped on my end as required. By snail-mail, you may send actual photographs, negatives or even slides, in Black & White or color. All returnable, even a CD or flash-thumb drive if you provided one.

Alumni & alumnae addresses are available by request; click your Class EMAIL hot-button for details.

Make it a practice to visit often. You may be in sole possession of details regarding a classmate's passing. We all want to know about departed brethren.

Definitely keep the webmaster and class Chair updated with your e-mail & mail status.

Website corrections may be sent directly to your webmaster via the email link on your respective home page.
Late in 2016 our dedicated "Web Guy" Bud passed away. His family asked if I would continue his work to our classes. To that end I've moved the site to my computer and will try my best to continue as Bud would have liked. Monte Frisbee